Dobbs Family Automotive is our group of franchise automobile dealerships. The Dobbs Family has a rich history in serving automobile customers in Memphis and Mid-South dating back to the 1920s. Three generations of Dobbs family members have been involved with various automobile manufacturers, including Ford, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and others throughout the United States.

If you are shopping for a competitive price on a new or pre-owned Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or Toyota, then visit the car dealership of your choice that is part of the Dobbs Family Automotive in Memphis, Tennessee! Our current dealerships include: Red River Ford of Cabot, Red River Dodge Heber Springs, Red River Dodge Malvern, Toyota of Longview and Shawnee Mission Ford.


In 1921, James K. Dobbs, alongside business partner Horace Hull, took out a loan and opened his first Ford auto dealership. Dobbs and Hull quickly became the first national dealership chain with over 60 locations.


In 1942, as the country reacted to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the government quickly began freezing new car inventories and converting factories for the war effort. With a sizable loan, Hull-Dobbs Enterprises bought over 3,000 new and used cars and stored them. After the war, they were one of only a few companies that had cars to sell to returning GIs.


In 1951, Dobbs Fleet Leasing was created alongside the family's dealership business. Providing nationwide fleet management to companies with fleets up to 500 vehicles, Dobbs Fleet Leasing further established Dobbs as a committed partner to business customers and original manufacturers.



By 1998, the Dobbs family had been in the automotive dealership business for more than 80 years and the Dobbs Automotive Group was the third-largest retailer in the nation.

John Hull Dobbs, Jr. continues the Dobbs family's legacy in automotive dealership business with the acquisition of Shawnee Mission Ford.


In June, Dobbs Family Automotive expands with the acquisition of Red River Dodge of Heber Spring and Red Rived Dodge of Malvern in partnership with Mitch Ward.
In October, Dobbs Family Automotive expands with the acquisition of Toyota of Longview.


In October, Dobbs Family Automotive expands in partnership with Mitch Ward and Lee Owens to acquire Red River Ford of Cabot.