It was One-hundred years ago today on July 27th, 1917 that Ford released the Model TT to assist the agricultural community with transportation and means of production. The Ford Model TT was the starting point that fundamentally transformed how Americans conduct business on the ranch, farm, and construction sites. Today Ford trucks continue to carry the torch for high-quality excellence, and the Ford F-series is still recognized as America's best-selling vehicle for 35 years and counting. The Ford pickup truck journey has significantly shaped everyday American life on and off the roadways and is a landmark of American history.

Today the Ford brand continues to evolve with innovative vehicle technology that boasts versatility and performance power. Within one-hundred years of solid production and craftsmanship, it's incredible to see how far the Ford pickup truck has come with models like the 2017 F-250 Superduty. With a total of 35,533,183 full-size pickup trucks sold in a century, it will be amazing to see what the next one-hundred years will bring for the Ford F-series, as well as the Americans who adore driving them.

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